Best Practices for Quality Driveway Paving in NH

Best Practices for Quality Driveway Paving in NH

For New Hampshire homeowners looking to improve their residential property with a new driveway, the choice of paving contractor is important. You need a driveway paving contractor with experience in your area who uses the best practices for driveway paving in NH, taking into account local weather.

In New Boston NH, American Asphalt Paving is the most reputable driveway paving contractor with a history of successful residential pavement projects all over New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Here’s our tips for getting the best asphalt driveway for your NH home.

Tips for Quality Driveway Paving in NH

There are several factors to paving an asphalt driveway that contribute to its stability and longevity, including:

  • Strong Foundation – To remain stable over time, your asphalt driveway needs to have a foundation layer of properly graded and compacted gravel aggregate.
  • Correct Drainage – Water is the enemy of pavement, causing issues from cracking to shifting, so you need the right drainage for your driveway to remain in good condition over the years.
  • Paving Best Practices – An asphalt driveway needs specific types of asphalt and construction methods to be the most effective and durable for residential use, and these materials and methods differ from roadway paving or parking lot paving.
  • Timely Asphalt Repairs – When you notice cracks or rutting on your driveway, it’s important to get it repaired quickly to prevent problems from worsening.
  • Regular Driveway Maintenance – There are asphalt maintenance practices like sealcoating that can extend the life of your driveway and reduce repair costs.

Trust American Asphalt Paving for All Your Asphalt Driveway Needs!

As the most trusted residential paving company in New Boston NH, American Asphalt Paving is proud to help locals improve their residential property values with quality asphalt pavement. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!


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