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Throughout two decades, American Asphalt Paving has positioned itself as Hampstead NH’s most respected paving contractors, leaving many satisfied pavement clients. With our dedication to our local clients and superior paving workmanship, we’ve become the go-to paving professionals for installing, repairing, resurfacing, and maintaining both residential asphalt driveways and commercial parking lots in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Best Paving Services in Hampstead NH

  • We source all of our paving materials from reputable local suppliers, as we believe strongly in delivering the best value to our customers.
  • We meet all the necessary requirements within Massachusetts and New Hampshire for paving work, and every paving contractor is insured and licensed properly.
  • Our company does not rely on gimmicks to fulfill the needs of our valued customers, instead having a foundation workmanship, value, and integrity.

About historic Hampstead NH

A town in Rockingham County NH, Hampstead had a population of 8998 as of the 2020 Census. It includes the village of East Hampstead and is home to a portion of the Rockingham Recreational Trail, a long hiking trail with beautiful views of New England’s natural beauty. The area was settled in 1640, and the town itself was established as in 1739 as “Timberlane Parish,” getting the name Hampstead in 1749. In 1816, Hampstead NH became home to the first honey factory in the United States. The Hampstead Historical Society preserves the history of the area with a collection of artifacts located in the Historic Library Museum on Main Street.

The Rockingham County area is known for hot air ballooning, lovely vineyards, and beautiful public parks. Local balloonists are focused on giving you the best flight experience you could possibly have, allowing you to see New Hampshire from a bird’s eye view. The various vintages of wine locally are diverse, with different vineyards sourcing different grapes, providing a lot of potential in wine tasting. The parks often include large lakes that permit boating of some kind, providing a great daytime activity for the entire family.

How to Choose the Best Type of Asphalt for Your Project

When New Hampshire property owners need paving, whether that’s a residential driveway or a commercial parking lot, it can be hard to know best type of asphalt for their project. Most people are aware of just one type of asphalt, but your local paving company has several different types of pavement for different kinds of paving projects.

In communities like Hampstead NH, American Asphalt Paving is the trusted paving contractor for residential and commercial asphalt projects. Let us share our expertise with you about the different types of asphalt.

Choosing Asphalt for Your Next Paving Project

When you’re ready to get your parking lot or driveway paved, the choice of asphalt is one of the many choices you’ll have to make. Here’s the different types of asphalt and what they’re best used for.

  • Layered Pavement – All asphalt installation involves more than just the dark black top layer. Underneath the surface, there is gravel aggregates at the base, as well as an inner layer of larger aggregates like crushed stones in a strong asphalt mix.
  • Recycled Asphalt – Often, the broken asphalt that’s removed from other projects is used in other paving jobs to provide stability.
  • Porous Asphalt – This type of asphalt allows water to drain through it into the soil, so it’s often used for walking and biking trails and in municipal parks.
  • Hot Mix Asphalt – This is the most often used type of asphalt for driveway paving, parking lot paving, and more. It’s called hot mix because the asphalt is liquid at higher temperatures, making it durable and flexible once cured.

Trust American Asphalt Paving for Your NH Paving Projects!

With decades of experience with asphalt paving in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, American Asphalt Paving is Hampstead NH’s trusted paving company, and we’re proud to help local property owners with all their paving projects, whether that’s a parking lot or a driveway. Call us for a consultation about your paving needs!

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