The quality of asphalt pavement affects commercial property values, so property managers and HOAs need the help of a professional condo paving company. In the greater Concord, New Hampshire area, that company is American Asphalt Paving, LLC. We’re a locally grown, third generation asphalt paving company who cares about residents of the area because they’re our neighbors. Let us walk through what our pavement pros can do for local property managers.

Condo Paving Tips for HOAs and Property Managers


  • Start With Quality Pavement Installation

    The only way to get professional quality asphalt pavement is to hire professional paving contractors with experience in your local area. Your local paving company should have experience with other types of commercial pavement like apartment complexes and business parks.

  • Repair Damage to Condo Paving Quickly

    Broken pavement and potholes pose obvious dangers to residents, but worn asphalt can also turn away potential residents. That’s why it’s so important to get professional asphalt repair services as soon as possible. Quick pavement repairs also ensure you don’t have to get expensive asphalt milling or replacement later, which saves money.

  • Keep Condo Paving in Good Condition

    Property managers for condominiums and subdivisions can also save money by keeping their asphalt pavement maintained with paving services like slurry sealing and line striping. A slurry sealer is a hot-pour asphalt product that provides a new surface with superior traction and UV ray protection. Asphalt pros can als repaint traffic lines, curbs, or hazards with reflective paint to keep drivers safe.

The Best Local Condo Paving Company

American Asphalt Paving, LLC has the expertise to fix any paving problem or shepherd a property owner or manager through the asphalt installation process. Whatever type of condo paving service you might need for you Manchester, NH area property, our asphalt experts can help! Contact us right away for a consultation.

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