Parking Lot

Property managers should know that the parking lot is the first impression all visitors will get of your commercial property and needs to be installed by experienced asphalt professionals. In the greater Manchester, NH area, these pros are at American Asphalt Paving, LLC. With our decades of experience in parking lot paving and our dedication to client satisfaction, we can help you create the perfect asphalt parking lot.

New Hampshire’s Trusted Parking Lot Experts

If you’re a property owner or manager in the Manchester, NH area, you need the help of the true paving pros at American Asphalt Paving, LLC. With our decades of experience in southern New Hampshire and surrounding areas, we can install an asphalt parking lot that will give visitors to your commercial property the right first impression.

Factors that Contribute to a Quality Asphalt Parking Lot

In order to get a parking lot that meets your needs and lasts for decades, there are several factors that you need to consider.

  • 1. Professional Parking Lot Installation

    There are lots of things you can DIY around your home or commercial property, but a parking lot installation is not one of them. You need a reputable local paving company to install a parking lot that meets municipal guidelines, is designed with your unique traffic flow in mind, keeps your visitors safe, and remains stable and beautiful for the life of your property.

  • 2. Correct Pavement Drainage

    The beginning of any stable pavement installation is a properly graded base layer that lets water flow safely into nearby drainage systems. Professional paving contractors accomplish this by properly compacting and grading the soil and the gravel pavement underlayer, but they can also install concrete storm drains and catch basins.

  • 3. Smooth Transitions to Existing Pavement

    An experienced paving company will also be able to expand or alter an existing parking lot with a seamless transition from old to new asphalt pavement. They do this by precision saw-cutting old asphalt, using high quality paving products, and applying treatments to the entire area that create a smooth, seamless surface.

  • 4. Quality Parking Lot Finishing Services

    A reputable paving company won’t abandon their client as soon as the parking lot is paved. Asphalt professionals can also paint all pavement markings that you need for a legal and safe parking lot like lane stripes and parking symbols. The best paving contractors will also work with their clients to create an asphalt maintenance plan that will keep the lot in good working order.

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