Property managers and owners may not realize that pavement maintenance is the way to keep their asphalt safe and beautiful for decades, but the paving professionals at American Asphalt Paving, LLC know exactly how: with services like asphalt overlay, patching, and more. We’ve got decades of experience installing and maintaining asphalt pavement in New Hampshire. Let our asphalt experts help you see the benefits of regular maintenance for your property.

How Pavement Maintenance Services Preserve Your Asphalt

Commercial property managers and residential homeowners don’t have to put up with worn asphalt or dangerous cracks in their parking lots, roadways, and driveways. Like any kind of construction, asphalt pavement has a lifecycle that can be prolonged by regular professional repair and maintenance services.

Types of Asphalt Maintenance

Depending on where your pavement is in its lifecycle, maintenance services involve different paving processes.

  • Preventative – When your pavement is new, there are a ton of services to keep it strong and safe. An asphalt sealcoat provides a protective layer of specially blended asphalt products that seal small cracks and protect against UV rays and traffic wear. Paving contractors can even install drainage systems or other additions that save asphalt from water damage.
  • Rehabilitative – When pavement already has some problems, professional pavers can make minor repairs like crack sealing or filling potholes before moving on to preventative services to keep more expensive repairs from becoming necessary. Repainting of parking lines to keep drivers safe is also considered rehabilitative maintenance, since it brings an asphalt parking lot back to full function.
  • Reconstructive – If your pavement installation has deep cracks or areas of deteriorated asphalt, “maintenance” may be a weird term. However, services like asphalt patching fix broken pavement and allow contractors to protect undamaged areas with slurry sealing and other services. An asphalt overlay after major repairs can also provide a new, unbroken surface.

Your Local Pavement Maintenance Experts

As a 3rd generation paving business, American Asphalt Paving, LLC has experience with all kinds of asphalt pavement damage and wear. We’ve been in business for decades, so we can tackle any kind of asphalt problem. Let us help rehabilitate your New Hampshire pavement to protect your visitors.

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