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American Asphalt Paving, LLC are the leaders in asphalt parking lots in southern New Hampshire, so we’re the ones to call if your pavement has problems like potholes, cracks, or deterioration. Let’s look at how we can rehabilitate your parking lot.

Parking Lot Repair vs Replacement

Even though asphalt is one of the most durable pavement types available, heavy traffic and weather can really do a number on your parking lot. When that happens, your trusted local paving company can help by either repairing damage or completely replacing the asphalt. But how do you know which is best?

Types of Asphalt Repair for Parking Lots

Certain kinds of pavement damage can be fixed with asphalt repair services, including:

Crack Sealing – This repair service uses hot-pour asphalt, quality crack fillers, and high tech processes like injection to fill deep asphalt cracks.
Pothole Repair – When cracks turn into holes and upset the gravel underlayer, you need professional pothole filling to fix the damage and protect visitors to your commercial parking lot.
Asphalt Patching – Sometimes a large section of pavement has multiple cracks, and asphalt patching services are the best way to get the parking lot back to full function.
Slurry Sealing – This is a popular parking lot repair service because it covers the entire area with a brand new asphalt surface that provides superior traction and protection.
Line Striping – High-traffic parking lots can suffer from wear, but pavement professionals have all the tools and products to repaint your pavement markings.

When Pavement Repair Isn’t Enough: Parking Lot Replacement

If repair services like crack filling or slurry sealing aren’t enough to rehabilitate your parking lot, it’s time to rip out and replace the asphalt. To make sure your new parking lot will last longer than your old one, choose a reputable paving company that’s been in business in your local area for a while.

Your Manchester, NH Area Parking Lot Repair Experts

For the Manchester, NH area, this reputable paving company is American Asphalt Paving, LLC. We’re the local experts in parking lot installation, repair, and maintenance because we’ve been paving the area for years. Contact us today about your commercial parking lot.

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