Pothole Repair

One of the biggest hazards that occurs on parking lots and driveways all across New England is potholes, but the southern New Hampshire area has American Asphalt Paving, LLC for professional pothole repair. Our experienced paving contractors can get your commercial parking lot or residential driveway back to full function in no time.

How Potholes Form in Asphalt Pavement

  • The freeze/thaw cycle is responsible for many asphalt issues, including potholes. Here’s how water and temperature can break down asphalt.
  • Improper drainage causes water to pool on the surface and sink down into the asphalt.
  • Temperatures drop and the water freezes, expanding and breaking up the asphalt binder, exposing aggregates inside.
  • If not repaired, more water can flow deeper into the pavement, only to freeze and break it up more.
  • The damage goes all the way down into the gravel underlayer, compromising pavement integrity.
  • A pothole is formed, and it gets filled with broken asphalt, dirt, leaves, and more water. If not professionally repaired, this damage can cause deep cracks and sinking in nearby areas.

Our Proven Pothole Repair Process

Though DIY asphalt repair solutions exist, they can often make problems like potholes even worse. Property owners need professional paving contractors to properly repair their asphalt paving. The experts at American Asphalt Paving, LLC have developed best practices for pothole repairs, which include:

  • Thoroughly examining the site to determine the extent of the pavement damage.
  • Consulting with the property manager or owner to create an asphalt repair plan that minimizes business interruption and stays within budget.
  • Preparing the site for work, including putting up hazard signs.
  • Professionally cleaning out the pothole and recycling broken asphalt.
  • Pouring a custom asphalt mix while hot to fill in the pothole.
  • Using specialized equipment to compact the asphalt to the level of existing pavement.
  • Coating the entire area with a sealer specially mixed for your pavement’s conditions.
  • Removing all hazard signs and ensuring our client is completely satisfied with the results.

The Trusted Local Pothole Repair Experts

In the greater Manchester, New Hampshire area, the pothole repair experts are at American Asphalt Paving, LLC. We’re a locally grown, family operated paving business, and our founder is a third generation paving contractor. This means we have the experience and dedication to repair even the worse asphalt damage. Contact us today about pothole repair, crack filling, or any other pavement issues you’ve experienced on your New Hampshire property.

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