Housing subdivisions can offer residents many benefits, but aged or damaged asphalt on roadways and driveways can lessen property values and cause problems for drivers. If you’re a resident or a property manager of a subdivision, you need a trusted professional asphalt company with experience in subdivision paving.

In the Manchester, NH area, that trusted company is American Asphalt Paving LLC. We can rejuvenate that worn or damaged asphalt paving in your subdivision with proven paving services. With decades of experience, we can also install asphalt paving throughout your subdivision to get your new community started off right.

Our Subdivision Paving Services

Asphalt pavement will break down over the years due to temperature changes and traffic, so property managers, HOA representatives, and property owners need help from paving professionals. Let’s look at how asphalt experts can help maintain the pavement in your subdivision.

Asphalt Pavement Installation

A housing subdivision contains lots of asphalt pavement, including roadways, driveways, tennis courts, and parking lots. Experienced paving contractors have installed all these kinds of asphalt pavement types, and they will make sure the pavement remains stable and safe throughout its life.

Professional Asphalt Repair

Over time, water and temperature changes can cause serious pavement damage that results in potholes, cracks, and edge deterioration. Trusted contractors can fix these issues with pavement repair services, including:

  • Crack sealing
  • Pothole repair
  • Asphalt overlay
  • Patching
  • Line striping

Custom Pavement Maintenance Plans

A reputable paving company won’t ignore your subdivision pavement after it’s installed. At American Asphalt Paving, LLC, we value our local subdivision clients, and we keep their asphalt looking good with ongoing pavement maintenance. We will work closely with property managers or HOAs to craft an asphalt maintenance plan to prevent costly repairs.

New Hampshire’s Subdivision Paving Professionals

For subdivisions in the greater Concord, NH area, American Asphalt Paving, LLC are the premier paving professionals. With over 20 years in the pavement industry, we have the equipment, training, and experience to tackle any paving project. As a locally grown company, we value our local clients, both residential and commercial. Contact us today for your subdivision paving consultation.

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