How Thick Should Your Asphalt Driveway Be in NH?

How Thick Should Your Asphalt Driveway Be in NH?

New Hampshire homeowners can be confused about asphalt driveway paving, but their local paving contractor can help. They’re the asphalt experts, after all! American Asphalt Paving, the best residential paving company in Weare NH, wants to educate our local homeowners about driveway paving, so we’ve put together these questions about how your asphalt driveway gets paved.

NH Asphalt Driveway Paving Questions

Are asphalt driveways paved in layers?

Yes, whether a parking lot or a driveway, pavement isn’t just made of solid asphalt, but a layered construction to give the pavement stability and durability. Asphalt pavement layers are, from bottom to top:

  • Soil that’s been graded for drainage
  • Gravel and aggregates, compacted with rollers
  • A layer of thick asphalt with large aggregates inside
  • A top layer of thinner asphalt emulsion with fine aggregates like sand, for a surface that’s smooth and has traction

How thick should you make your asphalt driveway in NH?

Since most residential driveways don’t see as much traffic as a commercial parking lot, they can use less asphalt, though it’s still important to have stable base layers. This means paving contractors will lay 6 – 8 inches of gravel and aggregates and then 2 – 3 inches of asphalt.

Who should you trust for quality driveway paving in NH?

In communities like Weare NH, American Asphalt Paving is the most reputable residential paving company, with years of experienced paving driveways, parking lots, roadways, and sports courts in New Hampshire. Contact us today for a consultation about your residential paving needs!

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