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Serving our Nashua area residential paving clients since 2002, American Asphalt Paving has become one of the most trusted paving contractors in NH. We proudly serve our Nashua NH paving customers with integrity. We invite you to get to know us. Read our local paving customer reviews and you’ll quickly see why we are the Number One Rated paving company in our area.

Nashua Commercial Paving Services

Because Local Experience Matters.

Commercial paving requires that you hire a company that not only has the paving equipment to handle your commercial paving needs, but has the experience in our local community. Since our start in New Hampshire back in 2002, we’ve paved more commerical properties than most any other New Hampshire commercial paving company. From commercial paving projects to schools, churches and local municipalities, our track record of providing the industries best commercial paving is unmatched. We firmly commit to a project cost and timeline, and keep our word – making us the commercial paving contractor of choice by many of the area’s largest developers and contractors.

About the Nashua, NH Area

With an estimated 2019 population of just under 90,000 residents, Nashua, New Hampshire is the second largest town in the area, just behind Manchester. Nashua is the seat of Hillsborough County, and has been consistently voted as one of the “Best Places to Live in America” by Money magazine, gaining the number one spot twice in 1987 and 1998. The Nashua area first gained prominence during the Industrial Revolution as water from the Merrimack River powered many textile mills and other industries. Even after the textile industry declined in New England, the railroads and then the two World Wars kept manufacturing plants in the area alive and contributed to the growth of the town over the years.

Many historic buildings from these bygone eras are still in existence, including the Gothic Revival building housing the Hunt Memorial Library in downtown Nashua. Nearby Greeley Park is a historic 125 acre park named after one of the town’s original founding families, and it contains historical buildings, beautiful gardens, as well as hosts citywide annual events such as the Nashua Art Show and the Fairy Tale Festival. Mines Falls Park is another popular spot along the Nashua River, with hiking trails and fishing spots. Holman Stadium & Arena also hosts lots of sporting events and outdoor concerts throughout the year.

The smaller communities surrounding Nashua, NH include Brookline, Pelham, Windham, Milford, and Amherst, NH. The area is known for its scenic views and natural beauty that can be enjoyed all year round, and many of these towns have beautiful scenic parks. Nature conservation areas and state parks in the area include Mascuppic Lake and the Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsborough State Forest. Area natural attractions also include lots of farms with farmers markets, petting zoos, and other attractions such as Snow Pond Farm and Johnson’s Highland View Farm in Windham and Benson’s Animal Farm Museum and Gift Shop in Hudson, NH. The Monson Center in nearby Milford, NH is another historic place with many walking trails and places to enjoy an outdoor picnic.

Merrimack, NH

Perhaps one of the most populous bedroom communities around Nashua is Merrimack, NH, a town with a 2010 population around 25,000, which includes the smaller communities of Merrimack Village, Thorntons Ferry, Reeds Ferry, and South Merrimack. These communities are all but indistinguishable today, but were historically separated by boundaries like railroad lines and creeks. Modern Merrimack is a great place to visit, with tours of the local Anheuser-Bush Brewery as well as the locally owned Able Ebenezer Brewing Company. Visitors can also get great local food at the Lobster Boat Restaurant or Buckley’s Great Steaks.

Litchfield, NH

Bordering the larger town of Merrimack is Litchfield, NH, which was part of the larger Dunstable land grant that later formed towns all through New Hampshire and Massachusets. The 2010 population sat at just over 8,000, and it lacks any central town square, being mostly a bedroom community for nearby Nashua and exurb of Boston, MA. However, this small town makes up for in charm and history what it lacks in numbers. There are several important historical buildings in town, including the Aaron Cutler Memorial Library.

Brookline, NH

Brookline, NH is a quaint small town nearby with a population just under 5,000 but with lots of fun stuff to do, including the famous historic Brookline Covered Bridge, one of many beautiful historic covered bridges in the area. Scenic Bartell Trails and the Talbot-Taylor Wildlife Sanctuary are also located in Brookline, offering visitors valuable greenspace as well as information about local natural features. Visitors will also enjoy a trip to the Averill House Vineyards or taking in some culture at the Andres Institute of Art.

Pelham, NH

One of the larger Nashua area towns is Pelham, NH, with a population of over 12,000 as of the 2010 Census. Along with many area villages and towns, Pelham was formed from the Dunstable land grant when the borders of NH and MA were formed, and it has the distinction of being the southernmost town in New Hampshire. Pelham’s surrounding communities include Salem, NH; Hudson, NH; Methuen, MA; Tyngsborough, MA; and Windham, NH. Modern Pelham, NH is home to lots of activities for residents and visitors, including Muldoon Park, which is a popular gathering place for residents to enjoy some outdoor time.

Windham, NH

With an estimated 2019 population of over 14,000, Windham is one of the more populous towns in the greater Nashua area. It was once known as Nutfield, along with the neighboring towns of Londonderry and Derry, NH, from which it split (also taking an Irish name) in 1742. There are a lot of fun places to visit in Windham, including the quaint historic town square and scenic Griffin Park. The historic Searles Castles is one of the most popular attractions, featuring a historic Tudor style manor house and its beautiful gardens.

Amherst, NH

Another beautiful historic New Hampshire town is Amherst, which had a population of around 11,000 in 2010, according to the US Census Bureau. The Amherst Town Commons is one of the most popular historic locations in the state, and the surrounding town square features many local restaurants and fun little shops. There are also plenty of natural attractions in the area such as Ponemah Bog Wildlife Sanctuary and the Joe English Reservation, which are great places to enjoy the natural beauty of the Granite State.


Asphalt Driveway Paving in Nashua, NH

In Nashua, NH, American Asphalt Paving LLC stands out as the go-to expert for superior asphalt driveway paving. As a third-generation business with over two decades of industry prowess, we prioritize the complete satisfaction of our clients. A residential property owner in Nashua found this out when they needed a new driveway.

Superior Asphalt Driveway Paving in Nashua, NH

asphalt driveway pavingTheir aging driveway had suffered water damage, leading to cracks and uneven surfaces. They weren’t sure if replacing or resurfacing was the best course of action. One of our pavement specialists inspected the property, and we devised a plan to replace their damaged pavement with a fresh driveway.

Our asphalt driveway paving not only addressed the client’s concerns about safety but also provided long-lasting results. Our skilled contractors meticulously removed the damaged pavement, repaired the aggregate base, and applied a robust layer of hot mix asphalt, ensuring durability.

Nashua asphalt driveway paving

Opting for asphalt driveway paving is an intelligent investment. Not only renowned for its cost-effectiveness, this material boasts an exceptional durability that extends well beyond two decades, requiring only minimal maintenance to stay in pristine condition. It also remains resilient in challenging climates year-round, providing a reliable and sturdy surface. This adaptability ensures the driveway’s longevity and adds a layer of convenience and reassurance for homeowners facing fluctuating weather patterns.

The swift installation process is another feather in its cap, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine during construction. As this New Hampshire property owner discovered, its remarkable noise reduction properties create a more serene environment, making your property a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Nashua client’s glowing feedback in their 5-star review showcases their satisfaction.

American Asphalt Paving: Trusted Solutions for Nashua Residential Property Owners

At American Asphalt Paving, we approach your residence with the care we would give to our own. In an industry where tales of subpar work and disappearing contractors abound, we stand as residential paving professionals you can trust. Our dedicated residential asphalt division understands New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts homeowners’ requirements.

Trust us to enhance your property – we’re the paving professionals committed to delivering excellence and reliability. Contact us today for a transformation that exceeds expectations.

asphalt driveway paving Nashua

Save Money on Quality Parking Lot Paving in Nashua NH

Business owners in Nashua NH deserve the same high-quality parking lot paving services as big corporations in Concord or Manchester. American Asphalt Paving LLC, Nashua NH’s premier paving company, can provide that service. We’ve got decades of experience with asphalt paving in New Hampshire and surrounding areas, so we can design, install, and maintain the commercial pavement your business needs.

Let’s look at how parking lot paving services can improve your business and actually save you money.

Increase Curb Appeal

When you pull up to a business, you want to see a smooth, easy to navigate parking lot. You want to know that your parked car won’t get dinged by doors or get tire damage from bad pavement. Your customers want the same thing, and they’ll be more confident to visit and spend money at your business if your parking lot looks safe and inviting.

Keep Customers Safe

If your car gets damaged or you get into an accident in the parking lot of a business, you’re not going back there. You want your customers (and employees) to feel safe on your commercial property, and the parking lot is the best place to start.

Reduce Liability

Broken pavement is a hazard, plain and simple. If someone trips on a broken sidewalk and gets hurt or their car gets damaged by a pothole in the parking lot, the property owner is liable for that injury or damage. Having smooth, clean pavement reduces that liability and saves you money.

The Nashua NH Parking Lot Experts Can Help!

If your commercial parking lot needs a facelift, contact American Asphalt Paving right away. Our pavement experts are waiting to hear from you!

Best New Asphalt Driveway in Merrimack, Nashua NH area

Homeowners who want to upgrade their residential property, increase their curb appeal, and raise their property values should really consider getting an asphalt driveway installed. However, making sure you get the best driveway installation in your area can be a lot to handle for a homeowner who’s never dealt with pavement, but your local paving company has you covered.

American Asphalt Paving LLC, Nashua’s premier paving company, is proud to help our local homeowners get the best new driveway possible.

Why choose asphalt for your new driveway?

While there are a lot of options for driveway paving materials, asphalt is an excellent choice for several reasons. First, asphalt is designed to stand up to the weight and wear of vehicles driving over it. With proper maintenance, an asphalt driveway can last for decades. Also, it gives a clean, beautiful look to your residential property. Finally, asphalt is cost effective to install, considering how long it lasts, so homeowners will get an excellent return on their investment in an asphalt driveway.

Find a trusted local paving company for your new driveway.

In New Hampshire towns in the Nashua area, like Merrimack NH, American Asphalt Paving is the most trusted paving company by many business owners, and they can bring those commercial paving skills to bear on your residential property too. We’ve got years of experience with all kinds of asphalt paving, so we can tackle any kind of paving job, whether you need a simple driveway or a large parking area with a winding drive. Our professional paving contractors also understand the land, the climate, and what type pavement works best in our local area.

With our expertise, we can make your new asphalt driveway the envy of your neighbors, and it will last for years! Contact American Asphalt Paving to learn more about our asphalt driveway paving services in Merrimack NH.

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