Is it OK to pave over an existing driveway in NH?

Is it OK to pave over an existing driveway in NH?

In New Hampshire, American Asphalt Paving LLC is the leader in driveway paving because of our dedication to our local customers. Many homeowners may be worried about what to do with an old, cracked driveway, but our asphalt experts can help you make the right decision for your pavement and your budget.

What to Do with an Old Driveway in New Hampshire

When dealing with an existing driveway that’s seen better days, there are several options for repair with varying costs.

Asphalt Overlay in NH

The most economical option for an existing driveway that is still structurally sound but unsightly is a process called asphalt overlay. This is a cheaper process because it involves applying a coat of self-leveling asphalt that fills in shallow depressions or cracks and provides a new driveway surface instead of completely replacing the asphalt pavement.

Driveway Remove & Replace in NH

When damage to your asphalt driveway gets into the gravel base, the asphalt needs to be removed and replaced. This clearly makes for a more expensive paving project, as the contractors have to break up and remove the damaged asphalt before repaving the driveway. This process usually involves re-grading and compacting the base layer, and always involves pouring a thick layer of new asphalt.

Your New Hampshire Driveway Paving Experts

If you’re not sure whether or not you should replace or overlay your asphalt driveway in Concord NH, American Asphalt Paving LLC is on your side. With our experience in the area and understanding of paving processes, we know just what to do for your property. Contact us today for more driveway paving information.

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