We are Commercial and Residential Sealcoating experts. Since 2002, we’ve sealcoated hundreds of thousands of square feet, making us one of the largest sealcoating companies serving New Hampshire & Massachusetts.

Sealcoating Saves You Money!

Why Sealcoat?

Save Money. Save Time. Enhance Your Home or Business.
Sealcoating by American Asphalt Paving will extend the life of your paved area and protect it from the elements. Sealcoating your pavement will protect the base and sub-base while preventing cracks from growing. Sealcoating is both oil and gas resistant and easy to clean. It significantly extends the lifetime of your pavement, saving you money and increasing the value of your property.

Experience Matters

We have the equipment, tools, crew, and expertise to tackle small to large sealcoat projects for your residential and commercial location in New Hampshire or Massachusetts. Protect and beautify your property with cost-effective sealcoating.

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