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How Much Does It Cost to Pave a Parking Lot Per Square Foot in New Hampshire?

Property managers and business owners have a lot to consider when it’s time for a new parking lot for their commercial property. They need to end up with the best parking lot that will last for a long time, but it’s important to stay within budget while also not interrupting business for weeks while the paving work gets done. That’s a lot to worry about, but a reputable commercial paving company will be able to help.

In the Candia NH area, American Asphalt Paving LLC is that reputable commercial paving company. We’ve got decades of experience with all kinds of paving projects from sports areas to roadways, so we can help our New Hampshire property owners get the right parking lot for their needs.

What factors affect parking lot paving costs in New Hampshire?

  • State of the Property – If the land to be paved still has vegetation on it, clearing this will affect the cost of pavement installation. The land may also need to be graded and the soil compacted to prevent erosion or flooding.
  • Parking Lot Design – A complicated parking lot design with many islands will also cost more than a small, flat lot that only needs minimal work.
  • Size – Most paving companies charge per square foot for their services, so the size of the lot is a major factor in parking lot installation costs.

How much does it cost to pave a parking lot per square foot?

Hot-mix asphalt costs between $2.00 and $5.00 per square foot, but labor and equipment costs can add several dollars to this total, making it between $3.00 and $7.00 per square foot to install asphalt pavement.

If your Candia NH area property needs new asphalt pavement, whether that’s a commercial parking lot or driveway, contact American Asphalt Paving fright away for a free estimate.

Save Money on Quality Parking Lot Paving in Nashua NH

Business owners in Nashua NH deserve the same high-quality parking lot paving services as big corporations in Concord or Manchester. American Asphalt Paving LLC, Nashua NH’s premier paving company, can provide that service. We’ve got decades of experience with asphalt paving in New Hampshire and surrounding areas, so we can design, install, and maintain the commercial pavement your business needs.

Let’s look at how parking lot paving services can improve your business and actually save you money.

Increase Curb Appeal

When you pull up to a business, you want to see a smooth, easy to navigate parking lot. You want to know that your parked car won’t get dinged by doors or get tire damage from bad pavement. Your customers want the same thing, and they’ll be more confident to visit and spend money at your business if your parking lot looks safe and inviting.

Keep Customers Safe

If your car gets damaged or you get into an accident in the parking lot of a business, you’re not going back there. You want your customers (and employees) to feel safe on your commercial property, and the parking lot is the best place to start.

Reduce Liability

Broken pavement is a hazard, plain and simple. If someone trips on a broken sidewalk and gets hurt or their car gets damaged by a pothole in the parking lot, the property owner is liable for that injury or damage. Having smooth, clean pavement reduces that liability and saves you money.

The Nashua NH Parking Lot Experts Can Help!

If your commercial parking lot needs a facelift, contact American Asphalt Paving right away. Our pavement experts are waiting to hear from you!

Quality Parking Lot Paving in Concord NH

American Asphalt Paving LLC is Concord NH’s leaders in asphalt paving, and we want your business to have a parking lot that will last for years. Our paving contractors have decades of experience with both residential and commercial paving, so we can install a parking lot that will remain safe and stable for your visitors. But how? Here’s some of the secrets to parking lot paving in Concord NH.

Site Preparation & Drainage

One of the keys to long-lasting parking lots is starting with the right base layer. Water, especially ice and snow like we get in New Hampshire, can destroy even the best asphalt pavement, so it’s vital to properly grade the land under your pavement so that water can flow away and not pool on top of pavement.

Custom Mixed Asphalt Paving

Another important component of a durable parking lot is the asphalt pavement itself. Asphalt needs to be mixed with components that match the local climate and soil conditions. A company like American Asphalt Paving with years of experience in New Hampshire, so we understand what paving products will work best.

Ongoing Parking Lot Maintenance

Keeping pavement stable and beautiful for years also requires some maintenance. Snow removal helps keep asphalt dry and safe from cracking, and sealcoating rejuvenates the asphalt surface while also protecting against future wear.

Choosing a Local Leader in Parking Lot Paving

The best way to ensure that your commercial parking lot will be durable, stable, and meet your needs is to get an asphalt paving company with experience in your local area. A reputable paving company will work with you to design your parking lot and craft an ongoing maintenance plan.

If you’re looking for a new parking lot in Concord NH, American Asphalt Paving LLC is your best bet. Contact us right away.

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