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American Asphalt Paving LLC has become the paving leaders in Goffstown NH and surrounding communities by always providing the best paving services at competitive prices. With 20 years experience in the paving industry, we have the right pavement restoration, repair, and installation services to upgrade your New Hampshire property with beautiful, long-lasting pavement.

Professional Paving Services Offered in Goffstown NH

  • As a family owned business and the third generation in the paving industry, we’re not only dedicated to our craft but also to integrity and transparency in all our work.
  • Our paving experts remained focused on excellence by maintaining professional licensing and continuing education.
  • We keep a fleet of specialized paving equipment like asphalt milling machines in order to offer our local clients the latest paving repair and installation services.

About Goffstown NH

Located at the junction of two state highways in Hillsborough County New Hampshire, Goffstown had a 2010 Census population of just over 17,000, with most residents living in the center of town. The villages of Grasmere and Pinardville are considered part of Goffstown NH, and the town is nearby the cities of Hookset and Bedford. The Piscataquog River runs through the town, and the peaks of the Uncanoonuc Mountains overlook the town. Goffstown was historically a textile town and a center for shipping with the Hillsborough County Railroad Station. The rail lines were very important to the town’s history, but they were officially shut down in the early 1980s and have now been converted to hiking and biking trails.

With both the river and the mountains, there’s a ton of natural beauty to enjoy in the picturesque town, including boating, fishing, and hiking. There’s even a town beach at Glen Lake for more outdoor fun. There’s several boating and fishing tours available in the area. Visitors interested in the long history of the town (stretching back to the mid 1700s) can visit the Goffstown Historical Society, located in Parker’s Store, a two storey historic retail building that’s been there for over two hundred years. A weekend in Goffstown NH isn’t complete without visiting local shops, farms, and local restaurants like the Village Trestle.

What is the Process for Asphalt Paving in Goffstown NH?

American Asphalt Paving LLC is Goffstown NH’s most trusted paving company, and we’re dedicated to helping our local homeowners and commercial property owners improve their properties with a beautiful layer of new pavement.

A new driveway or parking lot can be an intimidating proposition for a property owner, though, especially if they don’t understand how the professionals go about installing new pavement. Let our paving experts take some of the mystery out of your next paving project in Goffstown NH and surrounding areas.

The Asphalt Paving Process

  • Before any work gets done, our professional paving experts consult closely with the property owner to determine their specific needs.
  • First, we have to prepare the land for paving, which involves excavating, compacting, and grading the soil to make sure the driveway or parking lot will be well-draining and won’t shift.
  • The gravel aggregate base layer is applied next, which provides a durable and stable underlayer for the pavement. This layer is compacted as well.
  • Next, we use specialized equipment to apply a thick layer of custom mixed asphalt, and then compact it. At this time, decorative edging can also be installed.
  • After 72 hours, the asphalt has fully cured and your new pavement is ready for use!

Your Goffstown NH Pavement installation and maintenance Experts

American Asphalt Paving LLC, the best paving company in Goffstown NH and nearby communities, has state of the art equipment and professional paving contractors who are experienced in installing parking lots and commercial pavement. They can bring that expertise to bear on your residential property as well, so you’ll get a driveway that will last for decades.

Recent Asphalt Paving Projects in Goffstown, NH

We’ve been paving in Goffstown for years. We provide asphalt paving, commercial paving, pavement maintenance and much more. Check back to see details of recent projects here!

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