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Taking care of your home projects in early spring lets you enjoy your efforts for all of summer, fall, and beyond. Call us to discuss the scope of your project and find out how early you can cross “Pave the Driveway” off your list.

In The Manchester Area and Nashua Area

  • Seal the driveway to keep it looking like new
  • Add a walkway to the front door or pool gate
  • Turn your home’s entrance from dirt road to paved perfection


We pave Asphalt driveways of all different lengths, widths and shapes, so whatever your unique needs are, we can fill them. Even if you're just curious about the possibilities of gravel or asphalt pavement for your driveway, give us a call and we can talk about the best fit for your situation. Adding pavement increases the value of your home, helps keep your vehicles in better shape, and protects your home's entrance from erosion and drainage problems. New Asphalt Driveways
If your driveway only has issues on the surface (asphalt layer), resurfacing may be an option. With asphalt resurfacing, new asphalt is put down over your existing asphalt to bring your driveway back to a like-new condition. To be eligible, we'll need to make sure the base of your driveway is still in good condition and provides solid support. If you are eligible, resurfacing will save you money compared to completely new pavement. Resurface Asphalt
Sealcoating your driveway can add years to the lifetime of your pavement. Driveway sealant goes on top of your existing pavement to prevent water, ice, salt, car fluids, and other environmental factors from eroding your driveway's surface. Not only are there structural benefits to sealcoating, the aesthetic appeal of keeping your asphalt driveway looking like new is like adding an exclamation point to your home's beauty. Asphalt Sealcoat & Maintenance
Paved walkways make it easier for those with difficulties to walk, deter people from trampling your lawn and add a nice touch to your estate while increasing your home's overall value. New Asphalt Walkways

Straight or curved, asphalt or gravel, to the front door or pool gate; whichever you desire, our crew is ready to make it happen.

Pot holes and cracks are frustrating to see appear and capable of causing much more damage. If you have any concerns at all about your driveway, walkway, or other paved surface, speak with one of our paving experts to figure out if you require immediate attention.

And once your repairs have been made, sealcoating every couple of years can help prevent these issues from arising again. Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt Paving and Gravel for Homeowners in Manchester, Nashua, NH

Concord, Derry, Merrimack, Hudson, Londonderry, Bedford, Hollis, Auburn, Candia, Deerfield

Go Asphalt or Gravel

At American Asphalt Paving, we offer both asphalt and gravel paving services.
Your preference and specific needs will determine which is right for you. Gravel

Asphalt vs Gravel

Asphalt can develop cracks over time, but gravel tends to more easily develop ruts.
They both look great, the best option depends on your personal and home's style.
The sealed surface of asphalt driveways keeps sand and dust in your control.
Smooth asphalt makes it easy to shovel or plow throughout our long winters.
Asphalt is relatively simple to maintain, while gravel requires raking and routine weed-pulling.
Gravel is typically cheaper to install than asphalt and takes less time to install.