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With over twenty years experience in the paving industry, American Asphalt Paving is Deerfield NH’s most trusted paving company for both residential and commercial clients. We’ve installed durable and beautiful parking lots, asphalt driveways, sports areas, and more all over New Hampshire, and we’re ready to help improve the pavement on your area property, whether residential or commercial.

Best Paving Service in Deerfield NH

  • Commercial Paving


  • Parking Lot Repair


  • Residential Paving


  • Driveway Paving


  • Pavement Maintenance


  • Asphalt Milling


  • Sealcoating


  • Overlay


  • Not only are we a family owned and operated paving company, but our leaders are the third generation in the paving business, so our customers can trust our integrity and work ethic.
  • We maintain professional licensing for all pavement work to be able to keep our clients’ pavement up to code.
  • With state of the art equipment like asphalt paving machines, we can offer our New Hampshire clients the latest paving services that will best improve their properties.

All About Deerfield NH

Located in Rockingham County between Northwood and Candia NH, Deerfield NH is a quaint village with a population of just under 5,000 in 2010, according to the US Census Bureau. It is one of the oldest towns in New England, and the original hilltop community was founded in 1740 as a stop on the postal route between Portsmouth and Concord NH. The town was first part of Nottingham NH, but was granted its own charter in 1765 when locals presented the English Colonial Governer with a deer, leading to the town name of Deerfield. During the American Revolutionary War and later the Civil war, militias paraded in the village commons, which became known as the “Deerfield Parade.”

The town is home to the locally famous Deerfield Fair, known as “New England’s Oldest Family Fair,” which is a four day event held every autumn that features locally made crafts, organic local crops, as well as amusement rides and stock shows. The fair first began in the late 1800s as a way to stimulate trade in the community, which had been bypassed by growing rail system, and it continues to this very day, drawing large crowds from surrounding areas as well as tourists from all over the US. The picturesque village is located nearby Pawtuckaway State Park, which offers outdoor activities with a lake and mountains, but there are also many other lakes nearby.

What Should I Look For in Asphalt Driveway Paving in Deerfield NH?

Residential property owners can get overwhelmed when it’s time to get a new driveway. There’s a lot to consider, from finding a reputable paving company to budgeting enough money.

How to Get the Best Driveway Paving in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire towns like Deerfield, American Asphalt Paving is the leader in both commercial and residential paving, so we understand what it takes to install an asphalt driveway that will last for decades. Let our paving experts help you understand what to look for in driveway paving.

A Properly Graded Base Layer

The base of your driveway needs to be graded and compacted to make sure that water will run away from the pavement. The underlayer of gravel aggregates needs to be compacted as well to provide stability.

High Quality Paving Materials

For a driveway that will last, asphalt is the best paving material for several reasons. One, as the paving used in roadways, it will blend seamlessly with your residential street, and asphalt is also durable and flexible enough to withstand vehicle traffic.

Driveway Installation Costs

Asphalt is also very cost effective paving material for driveways. Not only is the initial installation cost lower than concrete, but asphalt maintenance is cost-effective as well. A fresh asphalt driveway also increases property values.

Driveway Paving Experts in Your Area

American Asphalt Paving LLC, Deerfield NH’s most trusted paving contractors, can help you get the best residential paving for your property, including asphalt driveways but also walkways and sports areas. Whatever kind of pavement you might need for your Deerfield NH area residential property, we can help. Contact us today for more information.

Deerfield, NH – Recent Paving Projects

Come back to this page to see our recent projects in the neighborhoods of Deerfield, NH. We’ll describe asphalt paving, commercial paving, pavement maintenance, driveway installation and more!

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